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Weight Loss & Fitness Exercise Plan

In order to keep our energy levels up, we need to consistently perceive in Love, think positive, speak blessings, do our best in all things, choose foods that vitalize our body, and exercise regularly.

Above all, always breath deeply, drink clean water often, move in sunlight, walk bare feet in your home, and smile always in thankfulness!

  • Monday: 1. 30 Deep Breaths. Skipping (with jump ropes) 1000 repetitions. 3. Upper & Lower Body Standing Stretches (standing-slight back-bend, side-bend, left & right trunk tilt hold, forward trunk bend or head to knee, deep closed legs squat hold, deep wide legs squat hold, glutes stretch, quads stretch). Hold each stretch for 3 sets of 8 repetitions, that is 24 counts.
  • Tuesday:1.30 Deep Breaths. 2. Push-Ups 16 repetitions. 3. Squats 16 repetitions. 4. Deeps (use a strong chair) 16 repetitions. 5. Bulgarian Squats 16 repetitions. 6. Leg Rows (in push-up position) 16 repetitions. 7. Forward Leg Lunges 16 repetitions. (Repeat exercise 2. to 7. 4 times, that is 5 sets). 8. Floor Stretches (Lay face down- upward trunk lift hold, ankle hold heels pulled to buttocks chin-up hold, ankle hold trunk lift heels pulled away from the buttocks, hands held up above the head chin up knees locked double leg raise hold, Lay face up- double knees hugs, spine stretch (both knees kept close to the chest and dropped to the right and to the left side hold), both legs held up pulled towards the trunk, seated forward bend or head to knees. Hold each stretch for 3 sets of 8 repetitions, that is 24 counts.
  • Wednesday: 1.30 Deep Breaths. 2. Imaginary Skips (without jump rope) 60 repetitions. 3. Jumping Jacks 60 repetitions. 4. Jump Twist 60 repetitions. 5. Scissors Jumps 60 repetitions. 6. Butt Kickers 60 repetitions. 7. Knees lift or jumps 60 repetitions. (Repeat exercise 2. to 7. 2 times, that is 3 sets). 8, Upper & Lower Body Standing Stretches (same as Monday's).
  • Thursday: 1. 30 Deep Breaths. 2. Dumbbell shoulder press 12 repetitions. 3. Dumbbell squats 12 repetitions. 4. Dumbbell standing pull-over 12 repetitions. 5. Dumbbell dead lift 12 repetitions. 6. Dumbbell flies 12 repetitions. 7. Dumbbell forward leg lunges 12 repetitions. 8. Dumbbell lateral raises 12 repetitions. 9. Dumbbell backward leg lunges 12 repetitions. (Repeat exercise 2. to 9. 2 times, that is 3 sets). 10. Floor Stretches (same as Tuesday's).
  • Friday: Rest!
  • Saturday: Repeat Tuesday's exercise plan.
  • Sunday: Rest! Stay pure and good!